Hi all

I hope you and your families are well in this strange time we find ourselves in. Rugby (and Upton RFC) may be the furthest thing from your mind at present but I felt it appropriate to give out some sort of update to all people involved in the club.

We should have a committee meeting on Monday 6th April but this obviously can not happen. Rather than try and set up some sort of conference call meeting I felt I would just give an update, but also open up communication to anyone who feels that certain issues need attention.

Attached are the March minutes but I've updated them (in red) with certain things that have happened in between that last meeting or issues I felt may need thinking about. Please could you try and read them and get back to me if anything is wrong or anything needs adding for discussion

Essentially no one has any idea of what is going to happen and when. My best guess.........and it is a guess, is that no rugby will commence until the Autumn. From a junior perspective if this is the case then apart from a bit of pre summer planning and organisation we should be able to start like we normally do but may need to consider equipment, kits, registration, pitches (anything else?) before we start.
From a senior point of view we may not be able to Pre season train (normally starts first week of July) and this may affect us and other clubs and when league rugby may start.

From a clubhouse point of view we have lost some income from losing the last few months of the season but more worryingly we have lost large revenue earners in the form of the Folk and Blues festival which both normally give us large incomes which are used to build our reserves to keep the club house going. Derek Carruthers (club sec) has submitted a bid to Sport England to try and get some funding to cover these loses (utilities, bar income). I am also looking at bidding for some flood relief money to try and get the pitches treated by a professional sports pitch company due to the large amount of time the pitches were under flood water.

Another large issue that may require an actual 'Meeting' at some point is the postponed junior tour which has been moved until Easter 2021.

We should have a club AGM in June where new committee members, junior representatives are voted in/organised, club finances are finalised for the year and a general plan for the new season is put into place. The RFU are drafting guidance on what clubs can/should do based on the fact that many clubs won't be able to hold such meetings.

I have written this email literally off the top of my head so if you can think of anything that needs discussing as a matter of urgency please let me know.

Kind regards and stay safe.

Rob Heeley
Upton RFC Chairman